The international conference

«Chemistry of Organoelement Compounds and Polymers – 2024»

academician Alexander N. Nesmeyanov.


The international conference «Chemistry of Organoelement Compounds and Polymers –2024» will be held 18–22 November 2024 at the A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia, Moscow).

The conference is dedicated to the 70 th anniversary of the Institute and the 125th anniversary of its founder academician Alexander N. Nesmeyanov. Nowadays INEOS RAS ranks among the leading research centers in the field of organoelement and polymer chemistry.

Scientific program

The conference will cover both fundamental and applied aspects of organoelement and polymer chemistry. The conference program will include invited lectures (30 min), oral (20 min) and poster presentations. The topics will include:

  • Organoelement and coordination chemistry
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis
  • New trends in polymer synthesis
  • Organoelement polymers
  • Physical chemistry of polymer systems
  • Organoelement and macromolecular compounds for biomedical applications
  • Supramolecular chemistry and MOFs
  • Organoelement and macromolecular compounds for material chemistry


Online registration and abstract submittion opening – 15 May 2024
Abstract submittion deadline – 13 September 2024
Abstract acceptance notification – 27 September 2024
Online registration deadline – 11 October 2024

Official language

Official language – English


Chairman: Corr. member of RAS Trifonov A.A.
Vice-chairman – prof. of RAS Belkova N.V.
Conference secretary – Moiseeva A.A.
Academician Aldoshin S.M.
Academician Ananikov V.P.
Academician Bachurin S.O.
Academician Beletskaya I.P.
Academician Bubnov Yu.N.
Academician Bukhtiyarov V.I.
Academician Gorbunova Yu.G.
Academician Egorov M.P.
Academician Eremenko I.L.
Academician Kalmykov S.N.
Academician Kukushkin V.Yu.
Academician Kuchin A.V.
Academician Minkin V.I.
Academician Muzafarov A.M.
Academician Sinyashin O.G.
Academician Storozhenko P.A.
Academician Fedushkin I.L.
Academician Khokhlov A.R.
Corr. member of RAS Antipin I.S.
Corr. member of RAS Antipov E.V.
Corr. member of RAS Zhizhin K.Yu
Corr. member of RAS Ivanov V.K.
Corr. member of RAS Karasik A.A.
Corr. member of RAS Maksimov A.L.
Corr. member of RAS Mironov V.F.
Corr. member of RAS Ponomarenko S.A.
Corr. member of RAS Fedin V.P.
Corr. member of RAS Chvalun S.N.
Maleev V.I.
Anisimov A.A.
Bregadze V.I.
Belokon Y.N.
Vasilevskaya V.V.
Loginov D.A.
Osipov S.N.
Perekalin D.S.
Ponomarev I.I.
Sapozhnikov D.A.
Serenko O.A.
Sivaev I.B.
Tokarev S.D.
Fedorova O.A.
Filippov O.A.
Chusov D.A.
Shifrina Z.B.
Shubina E.S

The information is coming soon


Abstract submission are conducted through the participant’s personal account on the conference website. Abstracts should be prepared according to the provided template.

Special issue of the journal INEOS Open

Simultaneously with abstract submission, participants have the option to submit a communication for a special issue of the journal INEOS ( before November 4, 2024. The communication must be formatted according to the template and should not exceed 2 pages. Abstract should be less than 600 characters, a list of references is required, division into sections (Introduction, Results and discussion, etc.) is optional. All submitted manuscripts will go through normal peer review process per journal standard. If there is at least one Russian co-author, you also need to upload a form with data about the authors in Russian.

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